About us

Next level. Authentic. Loyal. Proud.

Working on the security of others

We are a risk manager that helps companies and individuals meet their expectations and indicates unexpected effects in time. By using a proven risk management system, combined with experience and insight, we help to address and control risks in private life or a business environment. Knowing what is about to happen is pure comfort.


What sets us apart here is our attitude, which is a unique blend of unpretentiousness combined with a curiosity that comes with fluent, differentiated and unorthodox thinking.

So we think differently! Unconventional assignments require a special mindset that is necessary to succeed. It is that Special Forces mentality on which we approach a challenge that makes us different: with a special mindset, relevant experience and knowledge, we build a process to achieve results. Sometimes ad hoc and sometimes well in time. In all cases, we have no difficulty in applying unconventional solutions to solve conventional problems.

Formed by our background

We are entrepreneurs with a background in, among other things, specialist units of the Army and the National Police.

We have joined forces from where CSO International originated. Our character traits, decisive, determined, focused and resilient, in combination with relevant company strategic and safety-related training and experience, form the foundation of our business philosophy.

To unburden you is in our nature

We are an advisory organization that offers multi-line services, with which we help our clients to realize their personal and / or business objectives and ambitions.

We work in a wide range of specialist areas, whereby our knowledge, skills and experience are optimally bundled for the benefit of the client. We do this in a way that costs the least time and money and therefore offers you the most return.

Satisfaction is the basis

Since 2011 we help (wealthy) individuals, small, medium and large companies and organizations in their search for comfort, control and improvement. We do this with a personal approach that our clients feel comfortable with.

In addition, we do not hesitate to tell you the truth, even when you will not like it. But of course at all times with your interest as a starting point.