(Interim) security manager

Using security expertise

(Interim) security manager

There are many moments when you need expertise in the field of integrated security, but cannot realize it in the way that suits you. In many cases this is temporary, because a vacancy has arisen. In some cases, there is simply not enough budget or work to appoint a full-fledged security manager.

We have the solution for you. Through us you can use:

"Use expertise when you need it

Interim security manager

Our interim security managers are all managers with a relevant study and at least five years of experience as a security manager. They have experience in setting up and working with a security department or setting up and maintaining integral security.

Our interim security managers are fully deployable and available. Do you need a manager who can assist you on a temporary basis based on knowledge, skills and social skills? Please contact us via the button below.

Security manager supscription

Do you need the expertise of a security manager, but not the need for an employee or do you not have a full-time position related to security? No worries. With our subscription you can use a fully deployable security manager with knowledge, skills and experience for a fraction of the regular costs.

Our managers are available for a minimum of 8 hours per week. This can be done at your location or - partly - remotely.

Contact us for the possibilities.

The security manager

The security manager provides leadership and coaching to team managers, coordinators and / or employees who deal with security on a daily basis. The manager ensures the realization of the safety policy, with an optimal balance between safety and hospitality. The Security Manager also takes care of culture and organizational development within a department.

The activities may include:

  • Ensure an adequate implementation organization with task-skilled personnel;

  • monitoring the implementation in a qualitative and quantitative sense, assessing information and reports and intervening in the event of deviations and problems;

  • coaching and developing the team managers, coordinators and employee. Individually and as a team;

  • propagating and promoting the standards, values and vision of the organization (such as in the field of leadership, sustainable employability, diversity, safety, learning organization);

  • drawing up and implementing safety policy and processes;

  • implementing and evaluating adjustments and improvements with regard to efficiency, efficiency and quality of service;

  • establishing connections with other teams within and outside the own department; ensure that there is (integral) cooperation in a harmonious chain.

The importance of integrated security and safety

Integral security is a logical consequence of advancing technology and social developments, such as the increased focus on risk management, partly as a result of (new) legislation and regulations. Security disciplines are and are increasingly dependent on technology and each other. The importance of an integrated approach is therefore recognized by many organizations.

What stands in the way of an integrated security approach?

In practice, the road to integrating security disciplines has been paved with numerous prejudices and technical hurdles. In many organizations, security is still seen as the responsibility of the IT department or the facility service. This stands in the way of an integrated approach. Integral security is by definition cross-departmental.

Integral security: critical success factors

Integral security ensures that the various security measures from the different security disciplines strengthen the continuity of business operations. The Integral Security initiative must therefore be at the central level, making it the most important success factor for Integral Security.