Crisis and incidents

Direct support, because you don't have to do it alone

Help in a crisis situation

When you do not know how to regain control of situations that are likely to cause damage and when decisions cannot be influenced by external factors. In those cases you would like someone next to you to help you make the right assessments. The person helps you through this difficult time and takes back control.

That is exactly what our team does. We come in and through a tried and tested crisis system we do everything that is needed to make you make the necessary decisions with which you take back control and you can focus on the business activities again.

Clear process

There is already a chaotic situation, then it is of no use to you if the support does not offer a tight process. That only gives more unrest. That is why we work with a proven methodology that is used with military units in cases of crisis. A clear process that is organized in such a way that every second can be of vital importance. So we also look at your interests and every second counts.


For our commitment during a crisis you pay an hourly rate of € 165.00 excluding VAT and travel and parking costs.

For whom?

Persons and organizations who, due to all kinds of circumstances, no longer have a grip on their situation, want to take this back as quickly as possible and thereby minimize damage and want to get through the difficult situation with greater certainty and more resilience.

Step 1

An experienced crisis and incident manager responds to your emergency call, determines the context and puts together a team of our specialist specialists with your employees.

This is the foundation for the crisis organization.

Step 2

Based on the context, we will immediately start collecting the required steering information.

Subsequently, the action plan will be implemented to gain control over the safety of those directly involved.

Step 3

Given the rapidly changing circumstances of a crisis, a daily assessment of the operation is necessary.

In particular the resistance level and effects will be evaluated and adjusted where necessary. This creates the most effective and efficient method.

Step 4

After the original situation has returned to the situation before the crisis, we will quickly reduce the situation to an appropriate level.

Step 5

A comprehensive evaluation provides new insights so that in the future more adequate responses can be given to incidents or crises.

We also advise which measures are required to achieve the basic level of safety for your organization.

Step 6

You are again in full control of the situation and the organization.