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Administrative, operational and service processes in modern organizations are becoming more dependent on properly functioning risk management structures. Many of these processes have become virtually impossible without the use of risk mitigation measures.

CSO International designs and implements a comprehensive framework of organizational measures, in accordance with the principles and guidelines of the international standard ISO 31000: 2009,  that forms the basis for monitoring, assessment and continuous improvement of risk management at all levels of the organization. Risk management  therefore becomes an instrument to ensure the continuity of business operations and reduce the associated company-specific risks to acceptable level.


“The goal is not to allow any risk unappointed.”

Rico Briedjal – Founding partner

What are the top 10 risks facing the company?

Is there a proper reporting of trends regarding operational risks in place?

Does the organization act in accordance with prescribed laws and regulations?

Was the majority of suffered losses identified in a preliminary risk assessment?

We support our clients, with our experience and expertise, in the complete spectrum of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). This not only minimizes the risk of accidental loss, but we also incorperate the financial, strategic and operational risks.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that it is our responsibility to inform our clients substantiated about the risks to which they are exposed.


ERM strategy,
financial fit analysis,
fraud investigation, assessment and policy, security


finance management, cash flow,
inventory and procurement,
HR management


risk management, financial management, comprehensive safety and security,
crisis management

and Training

ISO 31.000
risk management,
specialist (SF)

Continuity Management

financial management, comprehensive safety and security,
crisis management
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