Continuity Management

Doing business is taking risks. However, risks should not impede entrepreneurship. CSO International advises and helps you to maintain control of your business risks. Firstly, it is important to reflect on the objectives of your organization. Because if the objectives are clear, the impact of risk becomes visible and objectives become more manageable.

Company Objectives

CSO International starts from four categories of company objectives:

  • Strategic
  • Operational
  • Raporting
  • Compliance

Risk assessment and evaluation

The world is constantly changing also regarding your organization. A risk assessment and evaluation helps to get a current overview of the new situation. This also applies to implemented risk mitigation applications.

CSO International not only looks whether risks can materialize, but also how to limit the impact of any damage. CSO International looks further, which assets can be affected? How does a (temporary) loss of one of implemented assets impact the business continuity.

CSO International provides insight into business risks and advise on implemented course of action. But you are in control. Do you want to avoid or reduce risks? Or perhaps transfer or accept?

Why is risk management important?

How do you know which risks you face?

CSO International performs a on site risk assessment . A risk analysis can be excecuted at departmental or divisional level but also at group level.

We offer several customized services which help to identify your risks . Eg a risk management or risk awareness workshop. Our consultants can also support on parts of a risk management framework. This includes project advice, incident investigation, self-inspections, preparing for emergencies, continuity plans, etc.


ERM strategy,
financial fit analysis,
fraud investigation, assessment and policy, security


finance management, cash flow,
inventory and procurement,
HR management


risk management, financial management, comprehensive safety and security,
crisis management

and Training

ISO 31.000
risk management,
specialist (SF)

Continuity Management

financial management, comprehensive safety and security,
crisis management
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