In control of the safety of yourself and your family, always and everywhere

Our FamiliSafe program

CSO FamilySafe has been specifically developed for individuals with a need for safety and security but who do not want to pay constant attention to it themselves.

Our working method and business philosophy ensures that we are always there for you. CSO has developed a service for this that disturbs criminals sooner than ever. They are more likely to choose a victim where the chance of success is greater for them and the risk of getting caught smaller.

We also ensure that the necessary safety and security measures and products actually do what they have to do. This step prevents you from thinking that you are well protected but that there are still gaps in your safety and security that you did not expect. You know exactly what you have or get and what those measures do.

How does it work?

For each of our members we make a personal plan to minimize damage or loss. Through a careful analysis of your unique situation and the possible consequences that a crisis or incident can have on your unique situation, your plan has been optimized to serve your interests.

Our risk management plan ensures maximum personal safety, with minimal infringement of your privacy. We ensure that we minimize your exposure to crime and other intentional unwanted acts.

The personal plan is analyzed for changes once a quarter. For this we will talk to you to see what changes have taken place (or will take place) in your life. Where necessary, control measures are adjusted to the changed

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Modular structure within the programs

Our 24/7 services within the program

Availability and accessibility

We are available 24/7 for our members. During office hours you will always be contacted directly by your assigned consultant and who knows your situation through and through.

We provide you with awnsers on topics such as safety, security, responsibilities of third parties, safety and security of schools or uncertainties about safe areas.

Outside office hours we stick to the principle: 'call us by any loss of comfort'. Better once too much than once too little.

In the cases that we discuss with you in advance, we will ensure that, if the situation so requires, your advisor is immediately available and will come to you to assist you during and after the emergency. With this module you guarantee yourself support at those times when you need it the most.

Periodic safety and security analyzes

To support you fast, adequately and carefully, we need to get to know you. We do this in our periodic safety and security analyzes.

This is where you give us your preferences and we determine whether the frameworks of the service are still well defined. We also like to hear if changes are coming or whether there have been issues that require more attention.

In emergency situations it is crucial to make the right choices from the start and that is only possible if we know what is going on in the lives of you and your family.

Security of people and property

With this module you ensure an optimally coordinated safety and security process around you and your family. Everyone has their own life with specific characteristics.

A respectable but vulnerable age or rather young and looking for risks. This program always fits. Then we look at protecting your property. Your property must remain your property. We recommend the right measures to allow you to live safely and securely in your house, to be able to wear your jewelry and to be able to optimally enjoy your vehicles or your art.

Not too many security measures, but certainly not too few either. There will be no doubt up to which level you are protected. Alarm follow-up fully organized and periodically tested. Maintenance of your safety systems takes place on time and malfunctions are rectified immediately. Nothing so bad as faling security.

Digital protection

The digital world can no longer be ignored in functioning in reality. Vulnerabilities lurk because there is not always enough knowledge to really protect yourself. Advice from a specialist who keeps a structural eye on whether your digital environment remains accessible to those with the right access rights.

Information is power. This also applies to criminals. What can you find about you? Is this in line with expectations or is it more than you thought? For this we monitor the internet for you on topics that make you vulnerable.

We constantly wonder whether the information found gives others insight into your living situation, property, agenda, assets or your moments of absence. This is information that criminals can plan on. We recommend the appropriate measures based on this information. Always protected on current events.

Customer experience

“Glad that we have everything in order now, that we know to what level we are protected and have not taken too many or too few measures. The trust relationship with Paul is also worth a lot to us. Certainly when I am abroad I am happy that I know that my wife has you to fall back to. "

Dave, cliënt sincs 2013