Worry-free when it comes to the security of your family?

In control of the security of yourself and your family, always and everywhere

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We aim for short-term services and long-term relationships.

Have a security audit performed

Know what your specific risks are, how you are currently protected against them and what measures are needed to meet your requirements and wishes. That is what we do. Our specialist will come to you and tell you what the state of affairs is. A short-lived service with insight and control as a result. The steps in this process are as follows:


Step 1 - Introduction

During an introductory meeting of maximum 2 hours in your home, we want to know who you are, what you do, how you do it, and so on. In this way, we gain insight into the risks that you face and how you have arranged security-related matters at the moment.


Step 2 - Walkaround

After the introductory meeting we walk around your home. We look at the existing architectural and electronic security measures. We look 'from the outside in' and walk through the measures in a structured manner.


Step 3 - Analysis and reporting

Based on the conversation and the tour, we identify your main risks, analyze them for your situation and assess your current situation. We also make use of environmental information such as crime figures.

Our advice follows with recommendations for improvement. These can be recommendations that are of an organizational (e.g. education and training), architectural and / or electronic nature.


Step 4 - Evaluation

We then discuss the reports and recommendations that have been made with you. You are in control of what is and what is not implemented and how.

We can support you by keeping control over the follow-up process. Think of having quotations drawn up and assessing them as well as supervising any activities, so that you really get what you need. We do this process on actual costing.

Customer case

“Glad that we have everything in order now, that we know to what level we are protected and have not taken too many or too few measures. The trust relationship with Paul is also worth a lot to us. Certainly when I am abroad I am happy that I know that my wife has you to fall back to."

- Dave, client since 2013