We create peace of mind and deliver solutions

Are you looking for a partner who can help you with your security issues?

We work on the safety of others

We are a security risk management company who helps entrepreneurs and individuals to live up to their expectations and that indicates unexpected effects on time. By using a proven risk management system, combined with experience and insight, we help to address and control risks in private life or in a business environment. Knowing what is about to happen is pure comfort.


What sets us apart is our attitude, which is a unique mix of unpretentiousness combined with a curiosity that is accompanied by fluent, differentiated and unorthodox thinking.

We think differently! Unconventional assignments require a special way of thinking that is necessary to succeed. It is that Special Forces mentality on which we approach a challenge that makes us different: with a special mindset, relevant experience and knowledge we build a process to achieve results. Sometimes ad hoc and sometimes well in time. In all cases we have no difficulty in applying unconventional solutions to solve conventional problems.

Check for eavesdropping or tracking devices?

To be able to do business freely, it is necessary to know for certain that you can communicate freely and move freely.

We ensure that any doubts about this are removed. Our specialists check vehicles, homes and business premises for the presence of these monitoring and tracking devices. More infromation >>>


Time is the most precious thing in the world. Our goal is to ensure that you and your family spend your precious time the way you want. Without having to worry about safety.

You remain in control and 'write the script', we are your director.


All security and safety issues in, on and around your company or organization answered before there are negative effects.

You know in time what the specific risks are. Together we determine what risk you want to tackle and what not (yet).

Crisis guidance

A crisis is a situation in which a company, organization or person is affected by a very serious problem.

When you experience a crisis you only want one thing; regain control as quickly as possible and thereby limit damage. That is exactly what our team does.

About us

Our core values say exactly who we are and what we stand for:

Next level:        We can always do better. We ensure personal growth and let our clients benefit from this.

Authentiec:        We are passionate about what we do and we do it in a genuine, reliable and original way.

Loyal:                We are loyal to ourselves and to our clients.

Proud:            We hold on to our shared past and we proudly carry our standards and values.

How we work

The starting point of our services is to regain control of a situation in times of uncertainty, doubt and concern, so that you can achieve everything you want in a powerful, stable and peaceful manner.

Whether it is about preventing or managing risks, weathering incidents or handling them, with our help you will receive timely the relevant information and advice to adjust processes where necessary.

This keeps you flexible in the implementation of your plan and you navigate to your goal via the shortest possible route.

Our clients

Our client base is diverse. It varies from large corporate companies, small and medium-sized businesses, hospitals, museums, municipalities to individual entrepreneurs and (wealthy) private individuals. They all have the same common denominator:

They take measures to consciously take risks, manage them properly or have (had) to deal with a crisis situation.