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A concept for enterprising families.


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We take care of your safety

As a wealthy person or family you want and want to enjoy life without worrying about safety. We take care of that for you and your family, so that you can make the most of your time, now and in the future.

Family wealth develops over many years. It is often the result of the successful collaboration of different generations. The people with such assets are individuals in a prominent position. They are often threatened and exposed to attacks on their freedom of will or action.

That is why they need a partner at their side who can quickly identify anomalous and risky situations, analyze them professionally and advise well-founded measures to act against them. A partner you can rely on, wherever and whenever you are.

In our way of working we bring together experts from all fields. We develop user-friendly security concepts and reputation measures that are individually tailored to the needs of you as a customer. Whatever it is, we help quickly, professionally, discreetly and reliably.

Safety is a feeling that everyone experiences and judges differently. Individual solutions are therefore required to ensure your own safety and that of your family members. We see ourselves as a silent confidant and partner in all security issues: invisible if possible, visible if necessary.

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"Our primary focus is protecting your family members, your property and your reputation"

Protecting your reputation

Today, information is often the key to positive and negative experiences. The anonymity of the Internet makes reputations particularly vulnerable: it only takes a few clicks to post negative news, deliberately spread falsehoods, or assume someone else's personality.

To avoid negative events, it is necessary to keep all information about private and business life confidential.

We help identify confidential information and ensure it remains confidential.

Protecting your family

Entrepreneurs, and their family members in particular, have been repeatedly targeted by robberies, extortion and kidnapping. It is precisely here that comprehensive and individual safety concepts are required that offer the greatest possible safety, taking into account personal circumstances.

A precondition for this is the permanent observation and evaluation of all safety-relevant information.

For example, personal safety can also include safety awareness training and driving skills training.

Protection of your properties

Of course we immediately start securing your home and other properties such as boats, cars, planes, etc.
Despite the fact that a lot of assets are replaceable and insurance offers financial compensation in the event of incidents, in this phase we take into account the non-recoverable assets such as family memorabilia, the realized dream. But above all: what about the psychological burden on the family if someone has invaded the private sphere?

Crisis management

We are there for our customers around the clock. At any time, anywhere in the world, they can suddenly and unexpectedly be confronted with events for which they urgently need help.

The impact of many of these events can be mitigated if you are prepared. But how do you prepare and how do you make the right decisions?

Your personal security manager will make the necessary preparations together with you for various situations.

Special training methods prepare you and your family members preventively for incidents and help to recognize, avoid or handle situations correctly. And if an acute situation arises that no one wants, our experts are always there for you.

Quality guaranteed

Guaranteeing quality means being immediately available and able to act at any time, around the clock, every day, anywhere in the world. Mutual trust is essential in this regard. And that is not only a question of professional competence, but above all of personal cooperation.

In a personal conversation, we will explain how you can optimize your personal security situation and your reputation together. Personal circumstances call for personal solutions. We make sure security measures work for you and your family.

We are happy to take care of you and your family

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