Security awareness training VIP's

Tailor-made training for individuals and their family members who are concerned about personal safety.

Training based on wish and need
Adapted to your agenda, wherever and whenever


Made for you and your family members


In line with everyone's personality

Prevent incidents

Everyone is at risk. How you deal with these risks is a choice. When you pay enough attention to safety and feelings of security, you have the most control and the peace of mind to enjoy life.

People from all walks of life are being targeted by criminal elements, that's a fact. However, it is also a fact that people who (apparently) have more to gain, run more risk than others.
Becoming a victim of criminal elements happens without you having much control over it. Still, you can do things that make you less likely to become a target.

Preventing incidents is the spearhead of our training courses. Nevertheless, it is not inconceivable that you or your family members will become a victim. As a result, acting in the event of incidents is always a fixed element that we pay attention to in the training courses. By organizing our training courses in this way, you and your family members become aware of realistic triplets and you and your loved ones can prepare for them.

"Everyone is at risk, but some more than others"

Individual training

This security awareness training is specially designed for people who are at extra risk because of their status or ability. Think of celebrities, high profile and wealthy individuals and their family members.

We assume that even the best protected people will find themselves alone at some point. Not everyone has personal security or a driver. Many people are out late and come home late (from work, gym, dinner, etc.). And maybe you're out and about with the family. In any case, it is always those times when you and your family are most vulnerable to robbery or attack.

Our training sessions may be suitable for groups of people, but we always prefer individual training. This is mainly due to the confidentiality and dynamics of family life. To get the most out of the training, people need to be able to be as open and honest as possible with our specialists to enable us to provide the very best advice and training.

Personal tuning

We tailor each security awareness training to the specific customer, because every customer is different, and every customer has a specific circumstance to work with. For example, there may be active personal protection or no protection at all. Some have young families, others have no children or have teenage children.
In order to properly coordinate all these elements, we always first draw up a risk profile. Think of making an inventory of your lifestyle and associated elements such as work, relaxation, vacations, social media use and the like.

Informal training

We train one on one and depending on your agenda at a location of your choice. Our preference is generally where you live, which makes it easier for us to create a situation conducive to open discussion about what may be difficult topics for individuals or families to discuss.
Depending on the subject, you will of course have to deal with several of our specialists, each with their own specialty. Think of safety experts, driving skills trainers and self-defense specialists.

Young people

When it comes to working with children and young people, we make the awareness training more of an interactive family conversation, taking into account how young people see risks and threats and of course taking into account the use of social media, among other things.
For the even smaller children, we point out risks in a fun way that are specific to, for example, playing outside. Think of hazardous waste, child molesters and the like.
In those cases it is often the case that we have the children join the training at a certain moment. In some cases we start with these parts so that they can do something else afterwards and we take up the rest of the training with the older attendees.

Our security awareness training may include:

Security awareness training - a 3 hour theoretical training in your home, also suitable for young people.

Defensive driving skills training - suitable for customers, their partners and children of the customer.

Self-defense training – also suitable for young people.


If you are interested in discussing this training and finding out how it can benefit you and your family, please contact +31 (0) 23 303 4610 or email:

"The balance between freedom and security is a delicate one."

- Mark Udall